Performative Experience Design

I am a human-computer interaction, experience design, and performance researcher working in the field of Performative Experience Design. My research combines performance theory and practice - performance like the kind on a stage, not like the speed of your processor! - with design-oriented research. My aim is to create unusual, thought-provoking, meaningful, and even transformational experiences with technology.

My new book, Performative Experience Design, is part of Springer's Cultural Computing Series.

It's based in part on my thesis, Performative Experience Design: Theories and practices for intermedial autobiographical performance, accepted by the University of Surrey in February 2015. My stupendous supervisors were Dr Stuart Andrews and Professor David Frohlich, head of the Digital World Research Centre.

After two research fellowships at Surrey in 2014-2015, RE-DrAW (Research and Development for the Digital Arts in Wales) and Storytelling for Development, I am now a Visiting Researcher at the Mixed Reality Laboratory at the University of Nottingham.